Ideal for planning jobs with clear, concise information on pre-printed cards. Designed for the automotive industry, our large cards are ideal for at-a-glance assessment of job loadings, stocktaking and a whole lot more.

  • Starter Kit has 4 modules (as shown) each holding up to 30 pre-printed T-cards
  • 66 headings supplied to suit all Departments
  • Easy-clean grey satin plastic finish
  • Includes FREE t-cards and headers (packed in 100’s). Three colours available
  • Storage pocket on each module for cards and pens
  • Planning board dimensions- height 77cm; width 46cm
  • Includes wall fittings
  • 2 special marker pens in each kit
  • Large cards – 15cm x 10cm

Just fit an additional module to the wall alongside your Starter Kit giving instant extra capacity.

Price: $179.95

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