Keytracker Mechanical Key Management System



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The secure key management system

• Save time
No more lost keys, even for a few minutes
Only authorised staff can access the board
Organised layout- all keys in one place

• Quickly identify who has which key
Ensures you always know who has which key
Security cabinet
Rugged construction deters vandalism

• Keep keys secure
Minimises opportunist theft

The Mechanical KEYTRACKER system is the simplest and most cost effective system currently available for keeping track of where keys are and who is using them. This means that your operation saves time, money and minimises frustration.

KEYTRACKER systems range from single units, 5 capacity them in multiples up to a maximum of 150 keys. A secure steel cabinet is available as an option. Ideal for keys needing to be controlled by Car and Motor Cycle Dealers, Estate Agents, Councils, Schools, Hospitals…or any industry where the management of keys is essential to their wellbeing.

KEYTRACKER works on the principle of a ‘peg-in; Keytracker-diagrampeg-out’ system where keys are secured by an Anti-tamper Seal to a numbered Retention Peg which is then locked into the board. Keys can then only be removed from the board with an employee issued coloured and numbered Access Peg which is inserted next to the appropriate Retention Peg and turned to the left. A simple excel spreadsheet may be used to keep track of who has been issued with an Access Peg which by cross referencing enables you to keep track of who has removed the key from the board.


Because we are constantly expanding and improving our product range, it is impossible to list all of the sizes and details here. However, below are some of the options available:

• 30 day free examination
Purchase outright, or try for 30 days, no obligation trial

• Single Units
These units have pre-drilled holes for fixing direct to the wall or within a housing

• Boards
Standard Keyboard sizes are 1, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 or 150. All have stainless steel frames, containing pre-moulded SABS plastic modular tracks which gives total flexibility to allow business growth.

• Cabinets
Constructed from 2mm sheet steel with a 2mm reinforced door as standard. Top and bottom shute bolts for multi-point locking. Powder coated for durability. Fitted internally with KEYTRACKER support channels as is the left or right self-closing, hinged door with push button digital lock as standard.