As usual we have our full range of Key management and storage products for security and traceability in the showroom and workshop, but now are delighted to introduce several new products...

  • Keytracker Mechanical and Electronic Key Management systems to fit all budgets. Key and asset management systems that saves time, quickly identifies who has which key or asset and keeps them secure at all times. Save money and minimise frustration with one of the most cost effective and simple management systems in the market today.
  • Keytracker Software keeps track of where are the keys and who has them. Used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with the Keytracker Mechanical Key Management system it offers a simple, easy to use programme that can be populated to suit any business needs. Ideal for companies with high volume of keys offering a cost effective solution for key management.
  • Mirror Hangers to match the vehicle to the ignition key to quickly and easily identify on the showroom floor.
  • Number Block System allows rapid identification of vehicles and keys which means less frustration when hunting for vehicles.
  • Key Drop Box a secure way of letting your clients drop off vehicles outside working hours and leave the keys with you.
  • Workshop Planner ideal for planning jobs with clear, concise information on pre-printed cards
  • Workshop Essentials including Wing paint Protectors, Autobarrier Floor Protection mat and Clean Sets, all designed to protect and keep vehicles clean in the workshop environment.

And of course we continue with the original Autotag Key Cabinets that are second to none. Purpose built and designed to keep your keys safely locked up at night and ready for easy access during the day.

We also supply a wide range of our products to other industries including Real Estate Agents, Meat Processors, Caravan Manufacturers; Motor Cycle Dealers, Electricians and many more. So please feel free to call us whatever business you are in.

Please browse our online shop and call us toll free on 1800 814 716 with any questions or your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and being of service.


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